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Better Light for a Better Healthcare Experience

Cree Lighting solutions for hospitals, clinics and elder care facilities make it easy to create dynamic lighting experiences that can help improve care and satisfaction.

Boost staff performance and morale, increase operational efficiency, and create welcoming, relaxing spaces for patients and visitors when you choose our industry-leading lighting solutions.

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Bringing the outdoors into our healing spaces.

The Cadiant™ Dynamic Lighting Experience recreates the sun’s dawn to dusk, east-to-west movement across the sky – and the gradual change in color temperature of the light – with astounding realism.

High-intensity, bright cool light as healthcare workers begin their day

Neutral light for a comforting transition between shifts

High-intensity, bright cool light for incoming shifts to connect to the rhythm of the day

Case Study: McLaren Health Care

Read how a system-wide upgrade to Cree Lighting solutions led to better patient comfort and security while delivering $1.6 million in annual savings.

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Read our white paper: “Human Factors - The Impact of Better Light on Healthcare Facilities”

We know that lighting has the power to significantly affect human health, performance and well-being. But do we know enough today to apply this knowledge wisely in our healthcare spaces?

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Watch our free webinar.

Jeff Hungarter presents a webinar on “Lighting Design, Well-Being and the Healthcare Environment,” hosted by Medical Construction & Design magazine. View this recording to learn about the importance of thoughtful lighting design to put exceptional lighting experiences within reach for your patients and staff.

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Our solutions deliver crisp, uniform illumination that makes your hospital, care facility or clinic more welcoming and safe.

Waiting Rooms and Lobbies

Create bright, welcoming and comfortable areas that set a positive, reassuring tone for each healthcare visit.

Lighting shown:
Stylus™ Linear Series
Labs and Pharmacies

Reduce eye fatigue and human error by installing flicker-free, low-glare lighting with exceptional clarity and uniformity.

Lighting shown:
KR Series Downlights
Clinical Areas

Choose soft, low-glare lighting to lower stress and soothe patients and families with a tranquil environment.

Administrative Offices

Provide bright, reliable lighting to optimize staff safety, comfort and performance.

Lighting shown:
Stylus™ Linear Series
Common Areas

Create spaces giving respite to visitors and staff with a variety of distribution, color quality and light output options.

Lighting shown:
ZR Series Troffer
Wayfinding and Outdoor Areas

Help visitors easily find their destinations while promoting safety for pedestrians and drivers and lowering energy costs.

Lighting shown:
CPY Series Canopy

Technologies and smart controls offering exceptional energy and maintenance savings.

Cadiant™ Dynamic Lighting Experience with SmartCast® Technology

Recreates the sensation of being under a natural sky to help patients and staff maintain the natural human circadian cycle.

Explore the Cadiant™ Dynamic Lighting Experience

Stylus™ Linear Series with SmartCast® or Lutron Controls

Designed to enhance both form and function, combining sleek lines and brilliant color quality with a diverse selection of intelligent lighting controls.

Explore the Stylus™ Linear Series

ZR Series with SmartCast® or Lutron Controls

Unmatched performance, flexibility and control, with an expansive array of lumen packages and impressive efficiency.

Explore the ZR Series

Noctura Series

Area, flood and wall mount luminaires coordinate a consistent daytime appearance and visibility outside your facility after dark.

Explore the Noctura Series

OSQ Series with Synapse® SimplySNAP Wireless Controls

Outdoor area and flood luminaires built to last with versatile mounting configurations for simple installation throughout your hospital or clinic.

Explore the OSQ Series

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Deliver secure, dynamic intelligent lighting controls to simplify code compliance, provide deep energy savings and create a “central nervous system” connecting HVAC, security and safety systems. Options include SmartCast, Lutron and Synapse controls.

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