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Better Light for a Better Education Experience

Cree Lighting solutions for schools and universities do so much more than provide lighting. They allow you to create an overall scene tailored to the needs of any education space.

Meet code compliance and conservation mandates with technology that quickly pays for itself in energy and maintenance savings, yet lasts so long that a child entering the first grade now might graduate college during its useful life.

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Bringing the outdoors into our learning spaces.

The Cadiant™ Dynamic Lighting Experience recreates the sun’s dawn to dusk, east-to-west movement across the sky – and the gradual change in color temperature of the light – with astounding realism.

Warm and bright as students start the day

Bright and cool light to promote late morning focus

Warm, lower intensity light for afternoon calm

Read our white paper: “Human Factors - The Impact of Better Light on Education Facilities”

We know that lighting has the power to significantly affect human health, performance and well-being. But do we know enough today to apply this knowledge wisely in our schools?

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Watch our free webinar.

Jeff Hungarter presents a webinar on “Lighting Design, Well-Being and the Education Environment,” hosted by American School & University. View this recording to learn about the importance of thoughtful lighting design to put exceptional lighting experiences within reach of every student, teacher and administrator.

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Case Study: University of Washington

Read how Cree Lighting’s HXB Series high-bay luminaire led to significantly better light and energy savings at the new Dempsey Indoor Center.

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Case Study: Toledo Public Schools

Read how upgrading the outdoor lighting to Cree Lighting solutions at 42 schools reduced annual energy costs by a quarter of a million dollars.

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Our solutions for K-12 and higher-education facilities deliver crisp, uniform illumination that makes your learning environments better — more comfortable, productive, healthy, efficient and safe.


Keep students focused and alert with pure light that helps improve productivity all through the school day.

Lighting shown:
ZR Series Troffers with SmartCast® Technology
Auditoriums and Lecture Halls

Optimize spaces for presentations and distance learning with lighting that adapts flawlessly to the needs of the moment.

Lighting shown:
Stylus™ Linear Series
Recreation and Athletics

Give players and spectators alike a clearer view of the action with rugged lighting and controls that also improve safety with almost no maintenance.

Lighting shown:
KBL Series High-Bay
Administrative Offices

Create comfortable, inviting workspaces for office staff with a responsive lighting experience that can be individualized while providing real savings.

Lighting shown:
FLEX Series Troffers with SmartCast® Technology
Common Areas

Harmonize hallways, lobbies, libraries and cafeterias with low-maintenance options that provide low-glare, uniform lighting for optimal visibility and enhanced safety.

Lighting shown:
Stylus™ Linear Series
Wayfinding and Outdoor Areas

Improve campus safety and security with lighting that responds to motion, delivers zone control and enables deep energy savings.

Lighting shown:
OSQ Series Area

Lighting solutions that reflect our customer-focused pursuit of game-changing innovations.

Cadiant™ Dynamic Lighting Experience with SmartCast® Technology

Recreates the sensation of being under a natural sky to help students and faculty create a connection to the natural rhythm of the day.

Explore the Cadiant™ Dynamic Skylight

Stylus™ Linear Series with SmartCast® or Lutron Controls

Designed to enhance both form and function, combining sleek lines and brilliant color quality with a diverse selection of intelligent lighting controls.

Explore the Stylus™ Linear Series

ZR Series with SmartCast® or Lutron Controls

Unmatched performance, flexibility and control, with an expansive array of lumen packages and impressive efficiency.

Explore the ZR Series

KBL Series with Synapse® SimplySNAP Wireless Controls

High-bay and low-bay luminaires delivering extreme energy savings and better light for auditoriums and gyms.

Explore the KBL Series

OSQ Series with Synapse® SimplySNAP Wireless Controls

Outdoor area and flood luminaires built to last with versatile mounting configurations for simple installation across campus.

Explore the OSQ Series

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Deliver secure, dynamic intelligent lighting controls to simplify code compliance, provide deep energy savings and create a “central nervous system” connecting HVAC, security and safety systems. Options include SmartCast, Lutron and Synapse controls.

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